Innovative design perfect to use in restricted areas such as flats in high rise buildings.

About Reversible Windows

Reversible windows can rotate both inwards and outwards without taking up space inside your room. This innovative design is perfect to use in restricted areas, such as flats and apartments in medium and high rise buildings.

You can choose from our wide selection of designs, colour options and finishes to suit your home and your personal tastes.

Our reversible windows are designed with security in mind. Featuring a high-tech locking system, each window has up to eight locking points for the highest security levels. Reversible windows include child safety restrictors as standard to ensure an added layer of safety for your family.

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Colour Options

These super modern windows look great whatever the colour, and that’s why we have a complete range of finishes in painted colours as well as natural woodgrains. If you want to paint the town red with your windows, choose Dark Red from our selection of bold colours. Or if you want something more natural, then Oak is a great option.

We have a complete selection of lights, brights and woodgrains for you to choose from.

*Colours shown should be used for guidance only as the limitations in photographic and printing processes may mean that colours of products vary from those illustrated*

Glass Options

Did you know you can upgrade to triple glazed windows? This has an extra pane of glass from our standard double-glazed reversible windows, and you get even better energy efficiency and lower U-Values.
We have a wide selection of glass to give you the level of privacy you want in your bathroom or overlooked windows along with a wide range of decorative glazing and Georgian bars

Handles & Hardware

Handles on reversible windows offer so much more than open and shut! Inbuilt child restrictors allow windows to open to a maximum of 100mm, which gives secure ventilation. Go to the next action and this clever hinge allows you to turn the window inside out, which means it’s perfect for cleaning windows from the inside.

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